OMS is pleased to announce a new service already underway and gaining momentum, talent acquisition.

OMS is helping local businesses locate and recruit employees for hard-to-fill positions.

This endeavor will provide direct hire services for anyone looking to expand their staff. All current OMS clients will receive a significant discount for their new hires. It can be tough to find qualified employees for certain roles. Sometimes it’s necessary to go beyond the immediate area and seek out potential employees that would be willing to commute or relocate from somewhere else, and that’s where we come in. Our professional recruiter will find those people. It’s employee-employer matchmaking. OMS makes the process of finding and hiring someone easy, even when that person may live somewhere else.

Since 1997, OMS has helped businesses succeed. Now we’ve added talent acquisition to our suite of services. We have already filled positions for many of our clients and they are extremely pleased with their new employees and the ROI this service provided. OMS has a full staffing agency connected to our brand, OMS Staff Solutions. For all your staffing, temp, temp-to-hire needs we’ve got you covered.
— Bob Cleghorn, OMS Partner

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