Question - What is client specific criteria?

Answer - Client specific criteria is everything we need to know about the job opening(s). That includes the job description, job requirements, job experience, school level, certifications needed, salary range, benefits, bonus structure, workplace culture, employer challenges and why you are such a great organization to work for.  


Question - What happens if an employee is found unacceptable after the start date?  

Answer - Should an employee be found unacceptable within an interim period (based on the fee agreement), the fee is non-refundable. However, OMS Talent Acquisition will re-recruit for a suitable replacement at no additional cost, provided the client has paid the Fee in full accordance with the net terms of the agreement. The guarantee does not apply when the employee is discharged by the Client following a lay-off, downsizing, re-organization of the position or the client's involvement in a sale or merger.  


Question - How do I get information on rates, terms and conditions?

Answer - Schedule a free consultation today!