Frequently Asked Questions


Will I lose control of how I treat or handle my employees?

When you partner with OMS, your company gains a trusted advisor. The ability to recruit, hire, promote, or terminate an employee is completely your decision. OMS is here to provide guidance through the life cycle of an employee. However, at the end of the day, this is your company and all decisions pertaining to it and your employees are ultimately made by your leadership, and not OMS.

What happens if I make a mistake with the payroll? How quickly can the employee's check be resolved?

At OMS we understand how important your employees paychecks are, not only to the company but the individual. We provide our clients with the flexibility often only experienced when doing payroll in house. We are able to correct any payroll challenges immediately and have your employee paid in a timely fashion. We provide multiple avenues in correcting any payroll errors and have the client choose what is best for them in each situation.

Sometimes I don't know how to handle a situation with my employees. Is there someone at OMS I can speak with who can help me to make those difficult employment decisions?

Absolutely. OMS offers certified PHR individuals who not only have years of experience in HR but also have the experience within the HR outsourcing world. What does that mean for you? It means they have experience in every type of industry. So not only can they assist with offering best business practice advise they can assist in how to handle it within your particular industry.

Our handbook is 5 years old. Is there any assistance OMS can provide on looking over our policies and make sure we are not missing anything?

Outdated handbooks are a common pitfall in the HR world. We offer our clients the opportunity to review their current handbook to ensure policies reflect not only recent compliance changes but also a sign of the times. An outdated handbook may not address things like; internet usage or social media policies. OMS can provide standard language that can be customized to meet your company's culture.

Our company has started a go green initiative but HR is the last department to address this area. How can you help us with that regards?

OMS provides multiple platforms of an HRIS system, which allow companies to partake in the "go green" movement. Leave behind those paper employment applications, W4, I9s, emergency contact sheets, performance appraisers, employee counseling forms, paper time sheets, etc. Ask your implementation consultant how you can join the paperless world of HR.

Am I really going to save time by having OMS handle what multiple vendors did before? I have concerns that I have placed all my eggs into one basket?

By consolidating multiple vendors, you can gain time by streamlining the HR process. A perfect example is when your company hires an employee or terminates an employee. In either situation, you must contact your payroll vendor and notify them of the new hire and/or termination. You must also contact your insurance agent and notify them to handle your benefit enrollment or disenrollment, if applicable. Ensuring the insurance carrier’s billing statements are accurate based on the change in enrollment can not only cost you time but money, depending on how quickly the changes were reported to the carrier. Depending on the number of changes in payroll volume, your workers’ compensation premium may be seriously over or under stated making the annual audit more challenging. Reporting of new hires to proper state agencies or possibly handling an unemployment claim is always a potential. These items, along with many other HR related components, can greatly be supported by the OMS All-IN-One Solution. Let OMS handle the back office support so you can focus on managing the business and task at hand.

How hard is it going to be to learn your systems?

Our dedicated HRIS Implementation team supports all users in learning the system. From onsite training or train the trainer options, clients can choose what works best for them. We provide as many sessions as necessary not only during the on-boarding of a new client but also when a change takes place with a client contact or when a new product is released. Training is limited to one-hour sessions to allow the customer time to learn and then practice to ensure complete understanding. Trainings are also tailored to the user so confidential information is only shared with those who are on a “need to know basis.” Most clients are up and running after 3 – 1 hour sessions. Others require more or less depending on experience. Ongoing training is also offered to clients who wish to engage in such training.

We really hand hold our employees with regards to their payroll and benefits. Will that have to change?

Absolutely not. Over the years, OMS has learned that a one-size-fits-all approach does not really fit all. We are able to adapt to your company’s culture so that your partnership with us is an extension of your organization. Whether your employees are tech-savvy or lack the technological knowledge, we are here to assist and adapt to your employee’s needs.

I see you offer a lot of services that may not necessarily be needed within my organization. I am not obligated to use these correct?

Your partnership with OMS and its services are a la carte. You choose which services are needed at the time of your partnership with the company. As your company’s needs change, you are in the driver’s seat and in control of what OMS services are provided to not just your company’s leadership but also its employees. Your OMS Client Advocate will continue to invest in your partnership by keeping you up to date with the latest service offering and you choose which make sense for your organization.