Human Resource Generalist


Job Code: HR

Position Type: Full Time Regular

Opening Date: 6/1/2016

EEO Class: First/Mid Level Officials and Managers

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

Postion Location: Lakeland, FL

Date Posted: 6/2/2016

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree in Human Resources or related field preferred; PHR or HR Certification a plus
  • Must be able to develop spreadsheets, databases, charts and other complex worksheets in Excel.
  • Must have extensive knowledge with formatting, tables and using other tools in Word.
  • 3 - 5 yrs HR and Administrative experience.
  • Ability to work and relate to clients, management and team members.
  • Professional business demeanor.

Position Description:

  • Develop and maintain employee activities and incentives.
  • Drive HR initiatives with a client portfolio consisting of clients across multiple industries and disciplines.
  • Establish a connection with clients through strategic implementation, account management and consultation.
  • Provide Human Resource Consultation and advice in-person or virtually with clients based on needs analysis and expectations
  • Consult with clients, evaluate needs and proactively develop, implement and deliver assistance with projects and or service needs
  • Follow through and coordinate on deliverables with internal staff and departments. This may include working with functional areas such as 401K, payroll, benefits and other OMS solutions.
  • Assist clients in resolving service issues.  Escalate problems as needed.
  • Assists with background checks system for clients.
  • Assist with client retirement plans, labor law posters, HR kits, in-house HR orientation and other HR aspects as needed by the client.
  • Assist with client training classes/seminars.
  • Assist in developing & maintaining Employee handbooks for clients.
  • Assist with Personality Testing system for clients.
  • Assist with OMS Entertainment Package and Added Value Plan for clients.
  • Complete Administration Manual and Customer Service mail outs.


To apply, email your cover letter & resume to