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Self-Funded Benefits + Wellness + SmartPBM = OMS Well-Life

A new era of employer provided health care is here. The OMS Well-Life Corporate Health System is a unique proprietary health insurance platform. Created with both national and local partners, OMS has taken a self-funded model with rock-solid wellness tools and integrated SmartPBM savings. Let us help you create a company culture of healthier living.

With this system, you can minimize your employees’ health risk with life-saving preventative care, potentially reducing your overall health care costs. No other broker can offer you this innovative system.


Saving Money

Savings come in all shapes and sizes. A solid proactive wellness program has a profound effect on every areas of a company, from workers’ compensation claims and sickness prevention to a reduction in sick days. For almost all employee benefit plans, pharmacy is the most frequently used benefit, and therefore one of the most costly. Lower your pharmacy costs with our Smart- PBM program. OMS Well-Life provides cost-saving strategies at every turn of your self-funded experience.

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What is a PBM?

A pharmacy benefit manager or PBM uses their buying power, combined with utilization management strategies, to lower the total cost of pharmaceuticals. OMS Well-Life proudly presents SmartPBM, a proprietary pharmacy benefit manager. Providing cost-effective prescription drug benefits for your employee benefit program, SmartPBM is breaking the mold with innovative features including:

Upfront Discounts | No waiting For Rebates | No hidden Fees Customized Formulary | Complete Transparency | Dedicated Pharmacists Integrated PBM Audits | Case Management

Our PBM services maximize member pharmacy benefit value and help contain costs. Save money and gain control of your pharmacy services.


Saving Lives

More importantly, with our wellness tools and preventative approach to health care, lives are being saved! We see wellness as a means for reducing claims and creating a long-term vision for affecting the health of all our groups. Support and reward employees who set and accomplish health goals. Live longer. Grow stronger. Healthy employees are happy employees!


Scaled to Fit Your Business

The OMS Well-Life System has a national footprint across 37 states, creating avenues that suit all areas of the United States, both urban and rural. It’s adaptable enough to offer the same quality service in all your locations and already meets Affordable Care Act requirements. No matter where you are, the Well-Life System can serve you and your employees.


Demystifying Self-Funding

Aren’t you tired of shopping health insurance for your company each year, holding your breath and hoping for the best? Do rising costs have you worried about the future, and are employees unhappy with their health benefits? Now, without hurting your bottom line, employers like you can obtain better health insurance options and create a better place to work.

OMS can partner with your company to transition from a fully insured plan to the OMS Well-Life Corporate Health System, our self-funded model with stop-loss coverage. With this program, you can greatly impact the life and health of your employees and begin the paradigm shift from reactive health care to proactive health maintenance. We help companies shift their focus from the traditional 12-month health premium to a long-term vision based on 3-5 year goals, making a positive impact on claims and the health of your workers.


What is a Stop-Loss policy?

Stop-loss insurance helps protect employers with self-funded health plans. It covers costs after the employer has met its deductible toward employees’ covered medical expenses. This safety net guarantees that the client will not exceed a predetermined amount of claims dollars per person and per group. This is a great tool for managing financial risk.


We’re Here For You

Our team is dedicated to making your experience excellent. From SPD and contract planning to claims mitigation we have the answers you’re looking for. Reports, networks, rebates, health fairs, PBMs, and tele-medicine. We help you do it right. We come along side entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and HR professionals to support your efforts to maintain an affordable and successful self-funded benefits program.