Workers' Compensation

What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

It is a mandatory insurance for businesses. It provides benefits to employees who become sick or injured on the job. This benefit includes medical care, dental care, income replacement, and rehabilitation for the injured person. It also protects the employer from being sued due to the workplace situation that caused the accident or illness. Insurance premiums can vary in costs and are based on specific occupations.

Why should OMS handle my Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Get pay- as-you-go plans, safety programs, help with claims, compliance and audits. Not all workers' compensation coverage is the same, that's why OMS has partnered with the top carriers in the industry. Our clients range from white-collar corporations to higher-risk construction and roofing contractors. We go beyond workers' compensation insurance to provide you with preventative measures through safety, training and education. At OMS, knowledgeable professionals understand your risk and want to minimize your cost. Trust OMS to select the right program for your specific needs and administer your workers' compensation.

Experience Modification Analysis

OMS will provide a FREE Experience Modification Analysis. Understanding your Experience Modification Rating plays a major role in reducing your Workers’ Compensation costs. It is also an excellent way to measure how your loss prevention and control practices match up to other companies in your industry. Maximizing your Experience Modification Rating is one of the best ways to quickly increase the profitability of your company. OMS can offer you the services and information that your traditional insurance company doesn’t teach you. There is a high probability that you have been overpaying on your premiums for years and had no idea. We want to help you identify potential savings.

Questions about workers' compensation insurance? Call and speak to one of our business consultants or fill out our online Workers' Compensation FREE QUOTE form.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Serve as a compliance resource
Written Workplace Safety Manual
Safety Training and Consultation
Create and provide Required Employee Materials

Audit and Billing Service

Premium Payment Management
Prepare materials for annual audit
Minimize Audit Exposure



Guaranteed Cost Plans
Dividend Plans
Paid Loss Retro Plans
Deductible Plans
OMS Pay-As-You-Go Plan (no down payment)

Claims Management

Dedicated OMS Adjuster
Monthly Claims Closing and Negotiation
Medical Management
NCCI Mod Reduction Verification
Prepare for NCCI "Stat Card Reporting"