Self-Funded Benefits

100+ Employees, Large Group Self-funded Solutions For Health Benefits


The OMS Well-Life Program platform is the future of health care. This proprietary program has been developed by OMS, and a group of national and local vendors, to provide a self-funded employee benefit program similar to those already implemented in many Fortune 500 companies, incorporating a complete wellness approach.  OMS has developed this plan to fit the needs of companies with as few as 51 employees up to large employers with over 5000 employees. The goal of the OMS Well-Life Program is to provide a zero-trend solution for rising health care costs and improved outcome rates for your employees.

The OMS Well-Life Program Includes:

 • Maximum Cost Containment

• OMS Corporate Clinics

• Health Screenings & Early Detection

• OMS Annual Benefit Fair

• Detailed Data Analysis

• Health Coaching

• Incentive Reward Plan That Works (90% participation)

• Improved Outcomes Via Integrated Diagnostic Tools

OMS Strategic Plan

Begin the Paradigm Shift in your health plan by focusing on claims costs and the health of your population instead of on increasing premiums and reducing benefits each year. With the OMS Well-Life Program we have developed a unique proprietary system that offers a wellness initiative coupled with a rewards plan that gets employees involved. The health care goals include creating a corporate culture among your employees that is more proactive, not reactive when it comes to their health. Traditionally fully insured plans just pay claims and you have little flexibility or potential to dramatically impact the health of your employees, productivity, or save money for your organization. With this new system at-risk individuals in your group are identified, coached, then rewarded for taking better care of themselves. By utilizing our OMS Well-Life Program you can truly take control of your health care costs, saving lives and saving money.